2016 Innovative Short Fiction Contest Winner

I am honored to announce that author Lindsay Hunter has chosen my short story “The Mother” as the winner of The Conium Review’s 2016 Innovative Short Fiction Contest.

The story will appear in the fall issue of The Conium Review which is due for release in November 2016.

Upon selecting my story, Hunter said that “this story felt as alive, as full of cells, as the child the protagonist agonizes over carrying. It is heartbreaking and harsh, and an important insight into the ever-morphing chemistry of a mother’s brain. We are and aren’t our mothers, metaphorically and chemically, for better or for worse. Motherhood is a choice; it both is and isn’t.”

So much thanks to Lindsay Hunter and the dedicated staff at The Conium Review, as well as all my workshop peers and professors whose advice helped this piece grow.